Violife Dairy-Free Cheese – For Pizza – 2.5kg Brick

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The Beast!

Its huge! Its 2.5 kg's of pure dairy-free indulgence. Why settle for mediocre? Buy this baby and take your own vegan cheese out to dinner with you.

Let your senses luxuriate in a unique melty pizza experience. This brick will make 20 - 25 pizza's depending on how much cheese you pile on!

  •     Completely dairy & guilt free
  •     Melts like real cheese
  •     Stretches
  •     Rich in taste
  •     Also used ideally for pasta dishes, crepes, calzone,  quiches and salads

Violife Dairy-Free Cheese - For Pizza

For Pizza Flavour ingredients





Violife For Pizza Flavour is made with coconut oil and is 100% GMO Free.

For Pizza Flavour GMO-free

For Pizza Flavour with-coconut-oil

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