Contact Violife

Hi there!

Do us a favour, before you send an email to contact Vfoods asking where you can find Violife (yes it’s that popular) please note that we supply a large number of retailers but only at specific stores that have chosen to stock Violife. You won’t unfortunately find Violife at every single supermarket, that’s just the way the retail industry operate. These large retailers order in bulk from their head office and then send Violife to the stores via a central distribution warehouse. This means that we do not know which stores have stock at any given time. Not ideal we know but that’s what we’re dealing with at the moment.

So if you’re wanting to know where to find Violife your best bet is to check with your local PnP, Checkers or Spar stores and if they don’t have Violife you need to ask them to order for you. They will order for you if you are persuasive enough 🙂

Also, Violife is in Woolworths under their own label, known simply as “Dairy-Free Cheese” where you’ll find slices, cream cheese and cheddar blocks in the cheese section, also at selected stores only.

You can also now buy Violife in bulk online here: Buy Violife!

Alternatively,  for trade enquiries on our brands drop us a line at and we’ll get back to you asap.

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