Technology is amazing when it works but sometimes it doesn’t. If you experience any difficulties checking out please email us at and we’ll sort you out quick sticks.

Shipping Details

Delivery Conditions

All orders placed during the week will be collated and prepared for delivery the following week with the courier collecting either on a Monday or a Tuesday. So if it says your order will be delivered in 1/2-1 day or 1-2 days that is not from when you pay for your order but from when the courier actually collects your order.

We know you’re desperate to get your hands on Violife and we promise not to make you wait any longer than absolutely necessary!

Please read our Violife Disclaimer before finalising your order to better understand the T&C’s of delivering Violife via courier in South Africa.


Please note: We make use of Payfast. If you already have a Payfast Account you will be asked to Login to your Payfast account to continue with your payment. If you don’t remember your Payfast account details please use a different email address only for this section and it will allow you to continue with your payment.

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