Buy Violife Dairy-Free Cheese


Great news!

You can now buy Violife individually on our new website, Plant Based Life! 

Or you can still buy in bulk here and get the best price on Violife dairy-free cheese…ever!

Please read our Violife Disclaimer before finalising your order to better understand the T&C’s of delivering Violife via courier in South Africa.

Please note: Violife is an analogue cheese which obviously contains no dairy or preservatives used to keep a dairy product lasting longer than it should. It’s also made of coconut oil and water, and will therefore last way past the date on the packaging. The Best Before Date (BBD) dates are prescribed by European labeling laws and are never more than 12 months despite the fact that Violife can last over 2 years if kept at optimal temperatures for the duration.

So you can buy your Violife knowing that it will last long past it’s BBD on the packaging, in most cases 4-6 months afterwards. Trust us we’ve been eating it for more than 4 years in South Africa!