Violife Dairy-free Cheese

Welcome to the VIOLIFE Family!

Violife is not just another dairy-free vegan cheese range… It is the ultimate guilt-free cheese experience that will make you become an addict to the Violife way of living.

If there’s one food product that is used the most as a reason not be vegan and live a dairy-free lifestyle its cheese. That’s why 4 years ago we made it out mission to find the best quality dairy-free cheese in the world and bring it back to South Africa. Today, we’re proud to say that Violife is not only the worlds fastest selling dairy-free cheese, but it’s available right here in South Africa at your major supermarket chains like PicknPay, Checkers and more recently Woolworths!
The Violife dairy-free range is available in a variety of luscious flavours. Whether you enjoy them straight up from the package, sprinkled on your pasta, sliced in your sandwiches and toasties or melted on your pizza, we promise that they are to die for.


Founded by a group of food enthusiasts who believed that cheese is all about love, family, and happy memories, and that is something each and every one of us should be able to enjoy.

Violife is dedicated to offering nutritious, dairy-free and delicious products, respecting the well-being of animals and aiming at the sustainability of our planet.  Their mission is to deliver the best dairy-free products that will bring back the JOY of cheese to all that have been missing out.

Quite a few years back, they started off as a small manufacturer of dairy free cheese for religious dietary groups in Europe during the fasting period. Along the way the Violife range was developed, using plant based ingredients, such as coconut oil, that have been meticulously selected with criteria in mind such as, no allergens, non-GMO, no palm oil and no gluten.  Today, thanks to their incredible R&D teams, they have never stoped evolving the range which now consist of over  20 products in the Violife dairy-free vegan cheese range…and brace yourselves because there is a lot more to come!

Violife can now be bought online!

We’re super excited offer a selected range of Violife Dairy-Free cheeses right here in South Africa.

You can now buy your favourite Violife Dairy Free Cheese products from our new online shop, Plant Based Life.

We’re making it easier for your to get your hands on the most amazing dairy-free cheese!

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