What you need to know about ordering Violife online

Violife is a refrigerated product and we have to stick to certain guidelines when it comes to the handling of this product. That being said, it is not a dairy product that will spoil like normal cheese if it’s not kept at a constant temperature of 8 degrees Celsius 24/7. The main ingredients of Violife are water, coconut oil, corn starch, sea salt and various vegan flavourings. None of which spoil very easily.

We, therefore, took a decision to allow Violife to be delivered via standard courier as opposed to refrigerated transport which is non-existent in the e-commerce delivery industry. The rationale behind the decision was borne out of frustration for the many vegans and lactose intolerant people in South Africa that have been unable to get their hands on Violife due to the many complexities surrounding importing and retailing an imported niche product.

While we will still continue to work with our retail customers in growing the Violife range in SA, we wanted to do even more to enable the majority of you to have access to even MORE VIOLIFE than what you can find in the retail stores. This will ultimately become our incubator to find out what products our customers really like which will therefore ultimately influence what the supermarkets sell.

Violife T’s and C’s

So, in view of the above, you can now buy Violife and have it couriered to your home or place of work! We have to ask however,  that you accept our disclaimer that there is a risk, albeit slight, that if your order is delayed for some unforeseeable reason and the product sits in a courier truck baking in the sun for 3 days, it will not arrive in the exact same condition that you would expect when taking it out of the fridge at home or the supermarket. If this does happen to you and you are not happy with the condition of your Violife order (its completely melted pile of goo) please take a picture of it immediately and email it to us. We’ll assess the situation, i.e where are you located, how long did it take to be delivered, were you home when the courier tried to deliver etc to get to the bottom of what happened to your beautiful Violife dairy-free cheese that’s now a yellow bag of melted coconut oil, and either replace the order free of charge if it wasn’t anyone’s fault and we know that we can confidently deliver to your address within the acceptable time frame, or we will credit you in full but unfortunately we then won’t be able to deliver to your location again as you are clearly in the sticks where our couriers can’t get to you in time before the goo happens.

We are also going to try our best to mitigate any complication by collating all orders during the week and only allow the couriers to collect the orders the following Monday or Tuesday to deliver the following day or the day after. We will not ship any order after Wednesday so as to avoid the risk of your order sitting in the courier’s warehouse over the weekend.

We sincerely hope this initiative works out for everyone and that you have the opportunity to buy Violife at prices that reflect a changing demand away from animal-based dairy cheese to dairy-free cheese!

All the best,