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Amì Dog is a complete food for all dogs of all different shapes and sizes!.  Amì Dog is a food “ultra-digestible”, nutritious and light on the stomach’s digestive system.



The everyday healthy formula for active dogs!

Amì Dog is a complete food for all dogs of all different shapes and sizes!.  Amì Dog is a food “ultra-digestible”, nutritious and light on the stomach’s digestive system. Based on exclusive vegetable protein ingredients, it gives the dogs more vitality and health.

The formula is a natural allergen in almost all cases and helps to solve the typical problems of poor nutrition: heavy or slow digestion, loss of appetite and fatigue.

Only 100% vegetable raw materials are used in the making of Amì Dog with no artificial colours and preservatives and is GMO free. Made using a traditional formula that is completely balanced ensuring your dogs receive all the right nutrients, amino acids and proteins they need.

Less is More!

As with other premium plant-based pet foods for dogs and cats, Amì Dog is so packed full of nutrients that one will find you need far less per serving than a typical animal-based pet food which is traditionally loaded with grain fillers to bulk up the weight of the product while offering far less nutrient value to the pet itself. Put Amì’s products to the test yourself and see how far a bag will go compared to what you are currently feeding your dog or cat. Just keep an eye on their weight as some dogs just don’t know when to stop!

amì dog adult

Amì Dog Ingredients:

3kg and 12.5kg

corn, corn gluten, corn oil, rice protein, whole peas, beet pulp, linseed, bicalcium phosphate, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, potato protein, brewer’s yeast, calcium, carbonate, sodium chloride, rapeseed oil. It also contains linoleic acid.

600g and 1.5kg.

corn, corn gluten, corn oil, rice protein, peas , beet pulp, linseed, potato protein, brewer’s yeast, L-Carnitine. It also contains linoleic acid (6,90%).

 Analytical constituents:

Moisture 8.00% Crude protein 27.00% Crude fats 14.00%, Crude Fibre 2.90%, Crude ash 6.20%.

Additives – nutritional additives:

vitamin A 26,000 IU/kg, vitamin D3 1,350 IU/kg, vitamin E 355 mg/kg, copper sulphate pentahydrate (copper) 50 mg/kg, iron carbonate (iron) 348 mg/kg, calcium iodate, anhydrous (iodine) 25 mg/kg, sodium selenite (selenium) 20 mg/kg, zinc oxide (zinc) 160 mg/kg, manganous oxide (manganese) 56 mg/kg, L-carnitine 300 mg/kg.


Amì Dog comes in 4 convenient sizes, 600g, 1,5 kg, 3kg and 12,5 kg bags.

Can vegan dogs really be healthy?

Read our Q&A Blog post to find out more about just how much healthier it is having your four-legged family members eating a diet you can completely trust.

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Amì Dog

600g, 1.5kg, 3kg, 12.5kg

4 reviews for Amì Dog | Vegan Dog Food

  1. Paul Miell (verified owner)

    Great quality product, the dogs have really soft shiny coats and gained muscular tone.

  2. Nadia Van Der Merwe (verified owner)

    It is really unfortunate that vegan dog food ( and vegan food in general ) is so pricey. I have 2 labradors, which I took in before I turned vegan, and since going vegan I have almost tripled my dog food budget. I also supplement with slow cooked veggies and fresh fruit etc. I usually get the Vdog bag, but they were out of stock, so Vfoods gave me this bag for which I am very grateful. My doggies poop were very soggy and orange for the time that they were on this brand. With the Vdog brand their poop seems a little firmer and more brownish. They seem to crave the Vdog food more than this brand. I realise this one is better quality, but with the price I will have to settle for the cheaper option. In general, whether they ate Vdog or Ami, my dogs are very energetic, top athletic shape, full of life and curiosity, very loving, their coats very shiny, teeth look okay and breath smells okay. Their last visit to the vet had good feedback. Other than the odd day’s vomit / diarrhoea / few ticks, they have had zero health issues and still seem just like healthy, energetic, playful puppies. I hope al vegans do some research on vegan dog food and consider switching their dogs to vegan brands. I have not found vegan dog food in Richards Bay, so glad I found this online shop.

  3. linnae

    My pooch, a previous street dog with some gut issues that will probably remain a mystery to his humans and vet alike, is tricky to feed because of unexpected side effects. Hes been eating the AMI biscuits for 2 weeks now, and I am thrilled to report they seem to agree with him, which is a tremendous relief all round.
    The fact that they’re heart-shaped is an unexpected bonus that brings a smile ..

  4. Nirvana Kasopersad (verified owner)

    Vfoods has been a saviour in providing my dog with healthy vegan food. After researching what negative impact commercial dog food can have on pets and how contaminated it can be, I opted for a healthy vegan alternative, which also aligns with my family’s vegetarian diet and our desire to consume only vegetarian products. My dog loves the Ami and Benevo dog food and treats, and I am grateful that it is readily available in South Africa. Thank you, Vfoods!

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