Violife “For Pizza” Mozzarella Blocks

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Violife “For Pizza” Blocks

We all deserve to enjoy a bit of melty vegan cheese, and with the buttery taste of our For Pizza Blocks that come in our Mozzarella and Original flavors, now you can! Have them on your pizza or toastie,  these two combinations do the trick! Specially formulated to melt at high temperatures, both products are designed to melt at the right temperatures, making them perfect on your pizza! Watch how they stretch and melt for an indulgent dish without the guilt.

Note: Sold by the case only

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Violife “For Pizza” Mozzarella Blocks

We all deserve to enjoy a bit of melty vegan cheese, and with the buttery taste of our For Pizza Mozzarella Blocks that come in our famous melty Mozzarella flavour, now you can! Have them on your pizza or toastie,  this vegan cheese melts perfectly. Specially formulated to melt at high temperatures, the vegan cheese is designed to melt at the right temperatures, making them perfect on your pizza! Watch how it stretches and melts for an indulgent dish without the guilt.

Choose from either a case of the 400g Mozzarella For Pizza blocks (7 units per case)  or go big and order the whopping 2.5kg For Pizza Mozzarella loaves (5 x 2.5kg loaves per case) and treat your family to a feast they’ll never forget!

Note: you can freeze a grated portion to be used later. Please do not, however, freeze the entire block as is because this will change the consistency of the cheese and it will not grate or melt as well as when it’s grated and then frozen.

All our Violife products come with an extra-long shelf-life, it’s made with coconut oil after-all,  so you needn’t worry about the cheese expiring on you!

For Pizza blocks

What’s in our For Pizza Mozzarella Blocks?

Water, Coconut oil (21%), Starch, Modified Starch*, Sea salt, Mozzarella flavour, Olive extract, Colour: B-Carotene, Vitamin B12.

*The starch used is potato starch. 

For Pizza blocksDo you have a Lactose, gluten, nut, or soy intolerance or allergy?


All our plant-based foods are free from common allergens lactose and gluten as well as being soy and nut-free. We understand the frustration of finding a product you love only to find that it will exacerbate your allergy, intolerance, or condition.

Our foods are safe for those with lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance, nut intolerance, soy intolerance, or coeliac disease.


To see the whole Violife range check out the HQ website here, Violife in Greece. We may not have everything that they are making over in Greece here in South Africa but we are working on it!

OH, AND BY THE WAY…all our foods are made without soy or tofu. We use coconut oil for the many health benefits this natural, abundant, and sustainable plant offers. The starch used is potato starch. 

Check out these great recipe ideas for your favorite Violife dairy-free cheese!

Try our other vegan cheeses: Violife Dairy Free Classic Cheese SlicesViolife Dairy Free Cheddar Cheese Slices, and Violife Greek White Vegan Feta Cheese.


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Violife For Pizza

Mozzarella Block (7 x400g), Mozzarella Loaves (5 x 2.5kg), Original Loaves (5 x 2.5kg)

5 reviews for Violife “For Pizza” Mozzarella Blocks

  1. Nadia Van Der Merwe

    This vegan cheese is amazing. Super creamy and gooey. Works amazing as a melting cheese for pizzas or toasted sandwiches. A little more pricey than regular dairy mozzarella for example. Also, in Richards Bay, it works out cheapest for me to order it along with my other vegan goodies from this website, rather than buying it locally. I cut it into 4 portions, and freeze it, and take out 1 portion for every weekend’s homemade vegan pizza. Works perfectly if you leave it outside of the fridge to thaw for the day. There are no vegan pizza outlets in Richards Bay, so this cheese is a ‘life saver’, for both me and the animals.

  2. Heila Nicolin

    I bought a block of your pizza “cheese” from Food Lover’s market over the weekend, and I have to say it is by far the best vegan cheese I have tried !!! I also bought your “Nutella” without realising it’s from the same company and was quite stunned and pleased tonight to stumble onto your web page. Definitely THE nicest vegan treats on the market!.

  3. David (verified owner)

    The blocks can be grated and frozen which makes it easy to control stock and portion size in our restaurant. We are a dairy-free establishment and are amazed by how Violife looks, feels and melts like real cheese. It’s also nut free which is an added bonus!

  4. Xandri Coetzee (verified owner)

    This cheese is really lovely! It’s tasty and stretchy, and it will take your pasta sauces to the next level. It grates and melts perfectly.

  5. liezle.obermeyer (verified owner)

    Love this cheese. The 400g block is worth it. Grate and keep in fridge for days.

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