Mixed cases of Nature’s Charm and Chef’s Choice




We have decided to make it easier to purchase smaller quantities of our most popular Nature’s Charm and Chef’s Choice products.

Mixed Case: A

6 x All Natural Coconut Milk | 6 x Whipping Cream | 6 x Evaporated Milk | 6 x Coconut Custard

Mixed Case: B

12 x Jackfruit in Brine (565g) | 12 x Banana Blossom (510g)

Mixed Case: C

4 x Green Curry Paste | 4 x Red Curry Paste | 4 x Massaman Curry Paste

Mixed Case: D

8 x Caramel Sauce | 8 x Butter Scotch Sauce | 8 x Chocolate Fudge Sauce

Mixed Case: E

12 x Jackfruit in Confit | 12 x Jackfruit in BBQ

Please note these are the only product combinations possible due to current packing configurations.

More products will be added to the mixed cases option when possible.


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Mixed Cases

A, B, C, D, E