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  • Chocolate Spread

    Nusco Hazelnut Chocolate Spread

    Nusco Hazelnut Chocolate Spread is 100% natural, vegan, palm oil free, gluten free and UTZ certified choc spread. The perfect plant-based alternative!

  • Ami Pet Food , For Pets

    Amì Vanilla Cookies | Vegan Pet Treat

    The vanilla cookies, available in a 400g box, are a delicious and healthy vanilla flavour treat for your dogs.

  • Ami Pet Food , For Pets

    Amì Canned Food | Vegan Wet Food for Pets

    Amì canned food for adult dogs contains an enriching formula for their daily feeding and is also suitable for animals particularly predisposed to food sensitivities and digestive problems.

  • Ami Pet Food , Dry Food

    Amì Cat | Plant-Based Cat Food

    Amì Cat contains the most nutritionally balanced vegan cat food available. Produced with only natural ingredients and contains no animal ingredients, artificial preservatives, GMO’s whatsoever.

  • Ami Pet Food , Dry Food

    Amì Dog | Vegan Dog Food

    Amì Dog is a complete food for all dogs of all different shapes and sizes!.  Amì Dog is a food “ultra-digestible”, nutritious and light on the stomach’s digestive system.

  • Ami Pet Food , For Pets

    Bone Care | Ami Pet Foods

    Bone Care by Ami is a natural and healthy snack or treat that helps not only to maintain an active, healthy digestive system in dogs but also contributes to oral hygiene and tartar control.

  • Meat-Free , Nature's Charm

    Jackfruit in Brine | Nature’s Charm

    Jackfruit in Brine is the newest vegan product to be offered as a meat alternative. Think vegan Pulled Pork Sandwich! Made from the finest selection of jackfruits that Thailand can produce, they are carefully picked in season and packed while fresh to deliver the perfect meat substitute. 

  • Meat-Free , Nature's Charm

    Banana Blossom in Brine | Nature’s Charm

    Known for use in creating a 100% vegan fish and chips equivalent, the banana blossom is the latest vegan product to come from creative minds of the good people at Nature’s Charm!

    Full Vegan Fish and Chips recipe courtesy of Carrots and Flowers, head over to their website to learn exactly how you can make this masterpiece! 

  • Meat-Free , Nature's Charm

    BBQ Jackfruit | Nature’s Charm

    Introducing Nature’s Charm BBQ Jackfruit!

    Yet another creation from Thailand that combines the versatile Jackfruit with marinated flavours, this time it’s Bar-B-Que! It’s so convenient and makes a perfect sandwich or taco filling or even topped onto a burger! Try it just with some vegan ‘slaw’ or in a salad, it goes with pretty much anything!

  • Blocks , Dairy-Free

    Violife For Pizza Blocks

    Violife “For Pizza” Blocks

    We all deserve to enjoy a bit of melty vegan cheese, and with the buttery taste of our For Pizza Blocks that come in our Mozzarella and Original flavors, now you can! Have them on your pizza or toastie,  these two combinations do the trick! Specially formulated to melt at high temperatures, both products are designed to melt at …

  • Meat-Free , Slices

    Violife Meat-free Deli-slices

    Violife Meat-free Deli-slices

    Introducing Violife’s new Deli range of meat-free deli slices. Available in both ham and chicken flavours, these unique deli slices are a perfect meat-free alternative to enjoy on your favourite sandwich, in a salad or just to eat as is!



  • Dairy-Free , Violife

    Violife Prosociano Wedge

    Violife Prosociano “vegan parmesan” Wedge

    For those who want a little Italian authenticity on their pasta or crackers, now you can have all the flavour without the dairy or gluten. Once again Violife has managed to bring to life the authentic flavours of dairy cheese made vegan, this time with their incredible vegan parmesan cheese!


  • Blocks , Dairy-Free

    Violife Mediterranean Style Block

    Violife Mediterranean Style “vegan halloumi” Block

    Introducing the worlds first vegan halloumi cheese! Violife have really outdone themselves with this one! Its unique texture is perfect for grilling to enjoy with a Greek salad for an alfresco lunch or tapas style snack.

  • Dairy-Free , Violife

    Violife Tzatziki Cream Cheese

    Violife Tzatziki Cream Cheese

    A vegan Tzatziki, no way! Well, how about this little taste of a Greek holiday on a plate! Echoing the soft, fresh flavour of classic tzatziki, the Violife Tzatziki Cream Cheese is ideal as a robust dip for toasted baguette slices, for spreading over your favourite hot fresh bread or just …

  • Blocks , Dairy-Free

    Violife Greek White Vegan Feta Cheese

    Violife Greek White Cheese aka Vegan Feta!

    Violife drew on all their Greek heritage for inspiration to make this amazing greek white vegan feta cheese. You will be blown away by the taste and will appreciate what goes into creating speciality vegan cheeses like this.

    Just cube and toss in a crispy salad …

  • BWell

    BWell Sandwich Spread

    Great on a sarmie, obviously, and tastes just like you remember your old sandwich spreads used to be, its available in a convenient 250g tub, so it’s easy to travel with, but just don’t expect it to last very long.

    And, as with all BWell products, the BWell Sandwich Spread is approved as part of the Heart and Stroke Foundation eating …