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  • Meat-Free , Nature's Charm

    Jackfruit in Brine | Nature’s Charm

    Jackfruit in Brine is the newest vegan product to be offered as a meat alternative. Think vegan Pulled Pork Sandwich! Made from the finest selection of jackfruits that Thailand can produce, they are carefully picked in season and packed while fresh to deliver the perfect meat substitute. 

  • Ami Pet Food , For Pets

    Amì Canned Food | Vegan Wet Food for Pets

    Amì canned food for adult dogs contains an enriching formula for their daily feeding and is also suitable for animals particularly predisposed to food sensitivities and digestive problems.

  • Benevo , For Pets

    Benevo Duo Cans

     A premium, moist, complete pet food especially formulated for cats and dogs.

    Benevo Duo Cans is a premium moist canned pet food that is formulated to meet the US AAFCO guidelines for cats but is also suitable for all dogs including puppies.

  • Blocks , Dairy-Free

    Violife Greek White Vegan Feta Cheese

    Violife Greek White Cheese aka Vegan Feta!

    Violife drew on all their Greek heritage for inspiration to make this amazing greek white vegan feta cheese. You will be blown away by the taste and will appreciate what goes into creating speciality vegan cheeses like this.

    Just cube and toss in a crispy salad …

  • Dairy-Free , Nature's Charm

    Coconut Whipping Cream | Nature’s Charm

    Natures Charm Coconut Whipping Cream is your new Dairy Free option for delicious whipped cream. Enjoy delicious coconut whip cream anytime!

  • Blocks , Dairy-Free

    Violife For Pizza Blocks

    Violife “For Pizza” Blocks

    We all deserve to enjoy a bit of melty vegan cheese, and with the buttery taste of our For Pizza Blocks that come in our Mozzarella and Original flavors, now you can! Have them on your pizza or toastie,  these two combinations do the trick! Specially formulated to melt at high temperatures, both products are designed to melt at …

  • Dairy-Free , Nature's Charm

    Coconut Condensed Milk | Nature’s Charm

    A dairy-free alternative for those who love the taste of sweetened condensed milk!

  • Meat-Free , Nature's Charm

    Banana Blossom in Brine | Nature’s Charm

    Known for use in creating a 100% vegan fish and chips equivalent, the banana blossom is the latest vegan product to come from creative minds of the good people at Nature’s Charm!

    Full Vegan Fish and Chips recipe courtesy of Carrots and Flowers, head over to their website to learn exactly how you can make this masterpiece! 

  • Meat-Free , Nature's Charm

    Young Green Jackfruit Confit | Nature’s Charm

    Nature’s Charm Young Green Jackfruit Confit is inspired by traditional French cuisine. This young green jackfruit ‘confit’ is delicious and tender, it is marinated in oil with french herbs; rosemary, garlic, bay leaves and sea salt. The perfect replacement for pulled pork dishes.

  • Meat-Free , Slices

    Violife Meat-free Deli-slices

    Violife Meat-free Deli-slices

    Introducing Violife’s new Deli range of meat-free deli slices. Available in both ham and chicken flavours, these unique deli slices are a perfect meat-free alternative to enjoy on your favourite sandwich, in a salad or just to eat as is!



  • Dairy-Free , Slices

    Violife Dairy Free Cheese Slices with Herbs

    Our Violife Dairy Free Cheese Slices with Herbs is a mixture of Oregano and Thyme that we have lovingly added into our classic recipe to bring you a delicate herby flavour. Perfect for Summer al fresco eating!


  • Dairy-Free , Slices

    Violife Dairy Free Cheddar Cheese Slices

    A special flavour for the English lovers! The Violife Dairy Free  Cheddar Cheese Slices gives a unique aroma that lifts the taste of your dishes.

  • Blocks , Dairy-Free

    Violife Mediterranean Style Block

    Violife Mediterranean Style “vegan halloumi” Block

    Introducing the worlds first vegan halloumi cheese! Violife have really outdone themselves with this one! Its unique texture is perfect for grilling to enjoy with a Greek salad for an alfresco lunch or tapas style snack.

  • Dairy-Free , Slices

    Violife Dairy Free Classic Cheese Slices

    For those who prefer classic flavours, our Violife Dairy-Free Cheese Classic Slices is the perfect choice. It can be combined with a variety of recipes, as it harmonises perfectly with other flavours.

  • Dairy-Free , Violife

    Violife Tzatziki Cream Cheese

    Violife Tzatziki Cream Cheese

    A vegan Tzatziki, no way! Well, how about this little taste of a Greek holiday on a plate! Echoing the soft, fresh flavour of classic tzatziki, the Violife Tzatziki Cream Cheese is ideal as a robust dip for toasted baguette slices, for spreading over your favourite hot fresh bread or just …

  • Benevo , For Pets

    Benevo Pawtato Knots | Tubes | Sticks

    Benevo Pawtato Knots, Tubes and Sticks are a wheat-free, soya-free vegan dog chew ideal for smaller dogs as a treat.

    Benevo Pawtato Knots are the perfect replacement for rawhide dog chews, reminiscent in shape these sweet potato replicas are tempting to both owner and companion animal alike.