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    BWell Olive Canola Oil

    BWell’s Olive Canola Oil blend has the delicious taste of olive oil with the health benefits of canola oil. This blend is perfect for pan frying, making sauces and drizzling over your salad.

  • BWell , Oils

    BWell Baking Spray

    BWell’s non-stick Canola Oil based cooking and baking sprays are high in Omega 3, carries the CANSA Smart Choice Seal and is endorsed by The Heart and Stroke Foundation.

    • No preservatives or colorants
    • Awarded CANSA’s Smart Choice Seal
    • Heart and Stroke Foundation South Africa Endorsed


  • BWell , Oils

    BWell Pure Canola Oil

    BWell Canola oil is the healthier option when it comes to cooking using oils with only 7% saturated fat (compared to Sunflower 12% and Olive 15%).

    • Naturally cholesterol free
    • Very high in Omega 3
    • Great velvety butter taste