Established in 2005, Benevo provides the most ethical alternative to commercial meat pet foods. We believe in providing real world alternatives to meat pet foods. Replacing those essential nutrients found in meat with bio-available alternatives from non-animal sources.

The name “Benevo”, comes from the word Benevolent which means ‘promoting the welfare and happiness of others and to do good.

Our products are approved by the UK Vegan Society and Vegetarian Society. We are also PETA approved for not testing on animals and hold the Good Shopping Guide’s Ethical Award.

Advanced Nutrition

Benevo has been pioneering the use of animal-free alternatives to commercial meat-based pet foods since 2005


We love all animals, not just dogs and cats so Benevo doesn’t trade in any animal ingredients or test on animals. We believe in pain-free pet foods.

Veggie to our core

Benevo is an independent UK company owned by veggies with no links to the meat trade, animal testing or slaughterhouses.

Benevo and v-dog



The first vegetarian-owned pet food company in the UK

V-dog has been making dog food for over 35 years. Under the original brand of Happidog, our Tradtional Flake complete dog food was the first commercial vegetarian complete and balanced dog food launched in 1980.

Since 1980 V-dog has established a reputation for quality having successfully served generations of happy and healthy hounds!

Benevo and V-dog

Truly ethical and eco-friendly pet food

Many pet food companies make eco-friendly or ethical claims about their ingredients, but how can the raising and slaughter of millions of animals purely for their meat be considered eco-friendly or ethical when identical non-animal sources of nutrition exist, that avoid the environmental impact of animal farming and the inhumane way animals are farmed and slaughtered.

V-dog believes in providing professionally formulated, healthy, nutritious and appetising alternatives for dogs, reducing the harm to other less fortunate animals.

  • We do not test on animals
  • No links to meat products or slaughter houses
  • Plant protein is better for the environment
  • PETA approved brand
  • Vegan Society Approved Products
  • Vegetarian Society Approved Products

We believe in leading by example and providing real solutions for the benefit of the environment and animals everywhere.

Benevo and V-dog

Vfoods are also the sole importers and resellers of the Benevo and V-Dog brands of Animal Friendly Pet Foods in South Africa. You can buy Benevo, V-Dog and other pet food products online here.