About Vfoods

Who is Vfoods?

Vfoods is a very small company started in 2012  out of the desperate need to see more vegan food products available to consumers in South Africa.

We wanted to assist those (humans and their animal friends)  looking to change their diet and lifestyle from an animal based to a plant based way of living.

We believe that although eating meat which was once considered a necessity for survival we’ve evolved over the last few hundred  years and can now easily live a far healthier life without the need for animal products in our diets. Therefore what was once a thought to be a necessity is now merely a habit and Vfoods intends to change that habit one animal-free meal at a time!

The inherent nature of all human beings is to protect life. We believe that as more vegan options become available to the public people will gradually move away from eating food predominately made with animal ingredients as they begin to realise that their are great quality alternatives on the market.

Our approach could therefore be considered a more placid one when compared to the large groupings of vegan activists around the world but we have realised that each on serves a specific purpose in creating awareness towards veganism as a whole.

It is the realities of the exposure to factory farming, abattoirs, dairy farms and battery farms, with their terrible exploitation of animals done purely for profit, fuelled by public demand,  driven by the idiotic notion that humans need to eat animals to survive.
This coupled with the inability to give up the taste of something on your plate, bacon and cheese seem to rank the highest in this regard. We can never truly appreciate just how much animals suffer as a result and we’d be far less likely to pursue a plant based lifestyle. We therefore appreciate everything that these organisations are doing for the plight of animals everywhere.
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