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Welcome to Vfoods!

Vfoods are the appointed agents for Violife in South Africa. We were instrumental in bringing the Violife brand of dairy-free cheese into the country in 2013 and after over a year of trying we finally managed to find a way to ship over the first few pallets of this amazing vegan cheese. We listed Violife in both Checkers in the Western Cape and PicknPay nationally.

It soon turned out to be far too much for a little company with limited resources to handle to we did the right thing and handed over the distribution aspects to a company that had far more experience with this side of the business than we did.

Fast forward 2 years and Violife is now in all major retailers including Woolworths  where you can even buy the original Violife dairy-free slices and original Violife dairy-free cheese spread online!

Vfoods are also the sole importers and resellers of the Benevo range of Animal Friendly Pet Foods in South Africa which we started importing just for our own dogs back in 2012. It wasn’t long before we were asked to start supplying our friends as well and before we knew it we were importing 2 full pallets at a time to keep up with the demand!

The fact that as each day passes more and more people are switching to an animal free diet for themselves and their pets is testimony to the goal we set for ourselves back in 2012 when we started Vfoods.

We are loving the journey and can’t wait to see what the next 5 years brings to the vegan community of South Africa.